2.4G heart rate receiver module - KYTO2811


Brand KYTO Fitness Technology

2.4GHz low power consumption heart rate receive module

(Work with KYTO2810D)



• Working Frequency:2400-2483.5MHz

• Valid Distance: :50m(unobstructed )

• Working Voltage:1.9V—3.6V(DC)


PIN Description




PIN Name     Description
1. GND ------ Ground (0V)
2. VDD ------ Power Supply (1.9V to 3.6V DC)
3. DATA ----- Heart Rate Data output(RX)
4. RX_EN ---- RX Work mode select, Active high
5. REG- ----- RF Register, Active high
6. REG+ ----- RF Register ( Connect to VDD via 4.7K resistor )


Operation Manual

Most of the time, the transmitter was in sleep mode. When the heart rate (pulse) input to DATA pin. The transmitter will start to work.
If no heart rate (pulse) is detected, the transmitter will switch to sleep mode until the next heart rate (pulse) is detected.

When the RX_EN pin is connected to a low level (or triggered by a low-level pulse wave), the receiver switch to sleep mode.
When the RX_EN pin is connected high level (or triggered by a high-level pulse wave), The receiver will start to work.
The DATA pin on the receiver outputs the heartbeat data transmitted from the transmitter.
(The indicator LED will be flashing when receiving data)

3.Match Code
The version of This firmware is automatic code pairing. (REG- and REG+ pin are not working )
When the transmitter starts to work, the receiver automatically pairs with the transmitter.
After pairing receiver only receives data from the paired transmitter.
Only when no data send from paired transmitter to receiver. And the new transmitter sending data to the receiver.
The receiver will be able to pair with a new transmitter.