5.3KHz heart rate receiver sensor module PCBA - KYTO2800A


Brand KYTO Fitness Technology


KYTO2800A is a heart rate receiver module for chest belt which operates
in 5.0KHz – 5.3KHz




— Model No.: KYTO2800A
— Operating voltage: 2.4V ~ 3.0V
— Sensitivity: 1 meter
— Frequency: 5.3KHz
— Set up time: 50us
— Current consumption (Standby): <1uA
— Current consumption (Operating): <120uA
— Operating temperature: 0°C ~ +50°C


— Convenient to use
— Built-in ferrite antenna
— High sensitivity
— Fully ROHS compliant
— Application: It is a heart rate receiver module, used together with KYTO2800B of heart rate sender chest belt


Pin Name    I/O Function
1 GND ------ Power Ground
2 VCC ------ Power Supply voltage
3 EN    ------ Power enable (Active Low)
4 OUT ------ Data output (Active High)



Output pulse wave of 5.3K module

1. Input voltage of the module is 3.3V
    When the heart rate signal is received, there is a high-level pulse output.
    Pulse width is about 20ms
2. The next high-level pulse represents a reception of next heart rate signal