KYTO Digital Hand Dynamometer Grip Strength Measurement Meter Auto Capturing Hand Grip Power-KYTO2326


Brand KYTO Fitness Technology

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 Production Features:
 Model No. : KYTO2326
 Functions: Displays the current grip strength and maximum strength data;
Save the maximum strength values when you press ‘Save’;
Up to 19 users' maximum strength records can be saved;
Displays the difference between the current user's current strength and the last saved data;
Displays the number of times a grip strength of 10 kg(22.05 IB) or more has been reached.
 Unit: KG / IB
 Max counts:  90 KG / 198 IB;     999
 Division value:  0.1 KG / 0.2  IB
 Allowable error:  +- 0.5KG / 1 IB
 Manual: English
 Material: ABS 
 Product Size: 195 * 130 *36 mm
 Battery type: AAA 2pcs, delivery without battery
 Battery Life: Over 6 months
 Color choices: Grey;  Blue; Black
 Guarantee: 6 months
 HS Code: 95069190
 Unit product weight: Abut 350 g
 Unit product + Unit package weight and size: 425 g;   21*14.2*4.3cm
 Carton: 29.5*22*23cm/10pcs; 4.3kg / 5kg