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For the past 3 years, we have been working intensively together with Studio Dott, a creative Belgium design agency and consultancy, to develop our own products. Now we are proud to present to you our new brand—GRIT, the unique fitness tracking platform!

GRIT consists of 1 single tracker, called TRACK, a range of sport-specific holders and a unique platform to centralise your exercise data. That's right, we bring you sport-specific info in one clear overview with only one sensor.

Like other products, GRIT uses accelerometers to track your movements, but we added 2 key elements. TRACK identifies each sport device using contact points and knows what type of exercise you are doing. And with the magnetic hall sensor we track device-specific movements. For example: rotation of the rope or presses with a hand-gripper. Both elements keep the cost of the holders low and only TRACK needs batteries.

With the GRIT app, you can challenge your friends and enjoy working out together. When you finish your exercise, TRACK syncs your data via bluetooth to your mobile phone. The app accurately records each exercise. You can easily switch between the sports to view historic and current data. Daily targets will help you with your fitness goals.

So far, we already developed three sports: walking/running, rope skipping and a hand gripper. But more are to come. Therefore we’re setting up an Indiegogo campaign that will be launched this month. The crowdfunding raised from the campaign will be used to fund the design and production of the next GRIT products and marketing to get the products into retail.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to visit our campaign, and please share your thoughts with us and back us. The first 100 clients will get great early deals with an attractive discount!

March 16, 2016 by sunny x
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