Digital cordless calorie and counting jump rope - KYTO2106C


Brand KYTO Fitness Technology


Easily track your number of jumps and how many calories you have burned.



— Model No.: KYTO2106C
— Material: ABS hands / PVC rope
— Handle Size: 185 x 32 x 33 mm
— Rope length: 3 M
— Unit product weight: 216g
— Battery type: AAA 2pcs
— Battery life: Over 1 year
Imprint Size: H. 8 x L.44 mm
— Color choices: 2 choices of black, grey


— Clock: 24-hour clock
— Counter: The jump rope screen will display how many times you have jumped; when you press [SET] in the counter mode, it will tell you how many times you jumped with speaking
— Timer: Tells you how long you have jumped with speaking
— Calorie burned: Tells you how many calories burned with speaking
— Fat burned: Tells you how much fat burned with speaking
— Target jumping times: Can set how many times you plan to jump
— Target time: Can set how long you plan to jump
— Target calorie burned: Can set how many calories you plan to burn
— Set weight: 30-200kg
— Set clock time
— Set jumping types: Single or double jump
— Removable weight bar: There are removable iron bars inside handles; you can decide whether you need it or not. Normally athletes and man will use the jump rope with a weight bar
— High-speed bearing: It can cut down resistance so that you can jump more quickly
— Examination rules of test: This function is great for students' examination
— Speaking function
— When you are finishing the target jumping times, target time, or target calorie burned, it will speak, "That's great, congratulation."



— 1 pc/1 giftbox, giftbox size: 19 x 12.5 x 14 cm
— 48 pcs/1 carton, carton size: 51.3 x 39.6 x 27.6 cm